A few words from Clare

This blog post may come as long overdue. Some of you may have seen my recent videos on Instagram where i have spoken out to update our clients throughout lockdown. Funnily enough writing has always been something i enjoy (weird fact about me, i have one of my poems written from childhood published in a book) but videos, while taking me out of my comfort zone, these days sometimes seen an easier ‘instant’ way to reach out, never the less, sitting quietly and putting your thoughts into words will always, for me be my form of therapy. I love to read, and i love to write.

After closing our doors for 4 months back in March we have been eagerly awaiting good news. I spent my time during lockdown well, i enjoyed time with my son, my home, our village, good books and cooking good food. The thing i missed the most, was ironically not the thing i valued most. I missed people. Human connection In the way of my family and friends, and of course, clients. as a team, we kept in regular contact both by phone, zoom and socially distanced when allowed. We used the time to rest and recuperate but also to upskill, completing courses and training throughout. We also had a refurbishment of the salon.

We were initially given 4 days notice to open on the 13th July, with restrictions of no close contact services, this means no treatments to the face, including Brow, lash and facial treatments, for us this is around 80% of our usual business, so we found ourselves, like many others opening with not quite the ‘buzz’ we had hoped for. Nether the less, being back has been great and both my team and our clients have adapted well to working in a COVID secure way. Theres a quote i love ‘A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there’ During these uncomfortable times, it has enabled me to adapt to change, which can be a great thing.. You may have already seen some of the ways we are diversifying as a business, and i have been working hard behind the scenes on a project that is due to launch later this year. Do you have any feedback for us? Any changes or new things you would like to see at Beautique? I would love to hear your thoughts.

It has been a rollercoaster (or should that be coronacoaster) few weeks for the beauty industry, While most of us have been effected by COVID and many business’s have been disrupted and are having to adapt going forward with the new normal (i hate that word.. what is normal anyway?! I feel the beauty industry has been massively overlooked, with our last minute announcements (most were given 2 weeks, or 10 days at least, our lack of presence and acknowledgment by the government - we were not directly addressed in his latest update on the delaying of close contact services resuming, he only mentioned ‘casinos, bowling alleys’ Many of you may have seen the sniggers in parliament when beauty was addressed.. and then there is beard gate… For me on a personal level , the past few weeks have been the most difficult, seeing so many women in my beauty community devastated, confused, and financially struggling. I wanted to write sooner, but at the time, i had nothing i could put into words that seemed to be able to shed a positive light, on the beauty industries desperate situation and disappointment. But on that note, it has also been the time i have reached out to others more, and received that same support back. Tough times really do strip things back to what matters most.. that human connection again. If any of my fellow beauty community are reading this and need to talk, please reach out, i am here for you. A problem shared is a problem halved. We are all in survival mode now, going forward we all share similar difficulties ahead.

We are currently awaiting an update from the Government regarding when close contact services can resume, this is expected 15th August, We are not currently taking bookings for these services until we have further clarity. Finishing this on a positive not i would like to give my team a special mention for pulling together and doing what they do, delivering high standards so well in these difficult circumstances, and as always, for looking out for on another as the team that we are, and lastly to you, are clients for your support, kindness,and understanding. I hope that you and your families are well through this strange time we find ourselves in.

With Love and gratitude,

Clare x

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