FAQ- lash extensions

Here at Beautique we have 6 years of experience in lashing, we have trained in the latest techniques to be able to offer 4 different types of lash treatments suitable for all needs. We understand lash extensions can be a minefield, so we’ve put together an ‘all you need to know’ about lash extensions.

Do eyelash extensions damamage your lashes? This is my most commonly asked question, and put simply, no they don’t! Lash health will all come down to maintence and aftercare, as long as you take care of your lash extensions your natural lashes will be be in perfect condition when removed. Its easy to get used to seeing lashes on yourself for so long and sometimes when removed it can be a surprise, however it normally only takes a few days to readjust to being back to normal!

What is the aftercare for lash extensions? Lash extensions require care, you need to be conscious of looking after them to keep them looking as fresh as possible. We recommend you avoid wetting lashes for the first 24 hours and avoiding eye creams, oily products and mascara on the lashes. Washing lashes is important and helps your lashes last longer, we recommend doing this 2-3 times a week using johnsons baby shampoo, Or for daily cleansing we recommend nouveau micellar eye make up remover (£14.99). Combing lashes daily also keeps them looking fluffy and in order. We recommend trying to avoid sleeping on or manipulating lashes, avoiding picking/ touching lashes excessively, and avoiding steam and saunas for maximum protection of the lashes.

what are the different types of lashes? We offer different types of lash extensions for different purposes.

EXPRESS Designed to be worn for up to 2 weeks. these lashes offer a great short term solution for special events, occasions and weddings. we offer these in a natural or a glamour set and these are done with eyes open. they take around 1 hour. EXTEND- ideal for those who want a more long term soloution, these lashes are applied individually and give a natural finish, these can be infilled for maintence every 2-3 weeks and are perfect for when you just don’t want to wear mascara! RUSSIAN VOLUME- as the name suggests, these lashes can be voluminous, fluffy and full! but volume work can also be natural, subtle and understated. ‘Russian volume’ refers to the technique used, hand making fans using a lighter weight and applying individually. Each set is created and tailored to suit you and your lash needs.

Alternatively, we Offer a more natural and no maintenence solution called LVL, staning for Length, Volume, and Lift. LVL lasts 6-8 weeks and lifts the natural lashes up, while fanning them out, creating the illusion of longer and thicker lashes using no extensions.

Our natural lashes can be easy to neglect and sometimes they are the last thing we think about in our beauty regime, but we always recommend to treat your lashes with a lash conditioner daily. This helps keeps your lashes full, healthy, strong. We recommend the Nouveau lash and brow conditioner, or Revitalash Lash conditioner, both suitable for extensions. All available in Salon

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