Gelish Aftercare

Who wouldn’t want shiny, chip-free nails for up to two weeks? Gelish is your answer! With over a 100 colours to choose from and no drying time Gelish is perfect for everyone and we have top tips and aftercare to keep your nails looking gorgeous for as long as possible.

When it comes to your Gelish manicure our number one rule is cuticle oil. We recommend ‘Gelish Nourish’ with its unique blend of Grapeseed oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Sesame and Vitamin E, ‘Nourish’ rehydrates and restores essential oils in cuticles and skin surrounding the nail which pro longs the time of you Gelish (and it smells great too!). Keep a cuticle oil in your bag for when you’re on the go and one beside your bed to massage in before you go to sleep.

Gelish must be soaked off, if your nails have grown out or you simply no longer want the gel polish it is important to soak the gel off rather than peeling or picking it off. Gelish does not damage your nails however peeling and picking it off does. Gelish soak off kits are perfect if you would rather soak the gel off at home or if you are going away. Soak off kits are easy to use yourself and include a professional size ‘Gelish Nourish’ cuticle oil so you can keep those nails looking beautiful and healthy. For your convenience we sell the Gelish soak off at home kits which also include a cuticle oil! £9.99

Lastly, try to book future appointments in advance.. Gelish is addictive!The biggest misconception of gel polish is that ‘you need a break’, as nails don’t breath it is not damaging to the nail to have Gelish reapplied as many times as you desire, with such a variety of stunning colours to choose from it would be hard not to.

With Love B x

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