Hello August!

We’re not quite sure where July went…but Hello August! Its been a busy couple of months at Beautique getting you all holiday ready! And not forgetting Wedding season! It seems many of you have opted for Lashes as your holiday treatment, with LVL Enhcance and Nouveau express being a popular choice… Want to find out more, head over to our gallery page to see some pictures of our work or check out the treatment menu for more info. We also put a lot of our before and after photos on Instagram, find us there @beautiqueloughborough Rememer, to keep those lashes in in top top condition we recommend the LVL Enhance lash conditioner or Revitalash (Which we currently have a beautiful little gift set of with a free mascara!)

So…whats new…This month Team B are all obsessing over ESPA’s latest product… Micellar Cleanser. The latest cleansing product from ESPA that removes make-up and impurities without the need to rub or rinse.

The cleanser is packed with tiny micelles that are blended with coconut and sugar, to attract and remove impurities; rosewater, witch hazel and chamomile essential oil, to soothe and tone; and hydrating plant complex, to infuse the skin with moisturise. We just love the versatility of this product..After a long day at work, the gym bad, weekend away…its perfect for a Hassle free cleanse!

Suitable for all skin types £24 for 200ml

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Love always Team B x

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