How are you...?

It has been a few weeks since we have ‘Seen’ any of you..

Though we catch a glimpse of some of you through our socials. How are you doing..? It has been a long month. And for most of us, a little while longer until we return. We just wanted to reach out and check in with you all.. Though me may not be able to see you in person, or provide you with treatments, we are always here to listen..

Whether its working from home, working as a key worker, homeschooling, or struggling with the feelings of isolation that lockdown can bring, its so important to find happiness in the day to day things. obviously we are ambassadors for self care, but how much better do you feel after washing your hair and a luxurious facemask. Exercising, baking, reading. Indulge yourself in what feels good. Check in on your friends and family.

This week my feel good factor was sending out some surprise care packages, knowing my little gesture made someone’s day, made my day.

Whilst we await news on re-opening, we remain at your service as always - virtually as more than a salon, as a friend.

Take good care, stay safe, support local and please dont touch the brows!

Love always

Clare x

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