January..the dreaded month we all feel over indulged and ready to turn over a new leaf! whether its healthy eating or hitting the gym… But what can you do for your skin to help banish the January blues? We have put together our top January tips for skincare! We have 30% OFF our ESPA 55 treatments throughout January or a fantastic product offer where you can revive a free products when purchasing two products.

Detoxify the body and Clear the Mind Sluggish bodies and weary minds can signal the need for a detoxifying cleanse, inside and out. While an overhaul of diet and exercise will immediately help detox cellulite and cleanse the body, extra assistance can dramatically aid the process. Try skin-brushing, massage and bathing in ESPA blends distilled with the purest essential oils to help clarify your body, focus your mind and give your spirit a fresh lease on life. We recommend - Skin care body brush £18 to smooth, brighten and tone Giving skin a daily brush will significantly improve tone, helping to banish cellulite and boost cell renewal for smoother, softer, more radiant skin. With natural bristles from Mexican cactus plants swiftly stimulating circulation and eliminating toxins, evening skin tone has never been so dramatic

Fitness Exercise recovery Even the fittest body can feel tired, achy and overwhelmed at times. Whether you have sore muscles, tired joints or you’re feeling in need of a natural energy boost, our specialist fitness bath and body oil blend will treat your weary body to give a real boost of vigour and help keep you on track. Use as an aromatherapy massage oil or in the bath or shower before or after exercise to support your fitness and help keep your body in optimum condition. We recommend - Fitness Body oil A deeply warming aromatherapy massage oil for tired, sore muscles £33.00

Revitalise, energise When energy levels are flagging and vitality is running low, an invigorating scrub, energising shower gel or specialist essential oils blend could be all you need. Nature has a wealth of ways to boost your energy and we have captured these in a collection of formulas for body, bath and shower to help you rediscover much needed vigour day after day. We Recommend - ESPA Energising Bath Oil £29 An enlivening, zesty natural bath oil to revitalise body and mind

Skin Radiance Brighten and Illuminate Few signs say youthful and healthy as much as radiant skin, yet few things are so quick to fade after a few hectic days or with the passing of time. Fortunately breathing some radiance into even the weariest skin and correcting tell-tale uneven skin tone can be fairly swiftly achieved. Our Radiant skin collection distils nature’s most potent brighteners and revitalisers into beautifully aromatic formulas that will breathe lasting light into skin. Skin Radiance facial - £55 (30% OFF during January £38.50 - looking good never felt so great!

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