Tanning Preparation and Aftercare

Whether its for a special occasion, night out or just to feel good, a spray tan is the perfect confidence boost, but how do you prepare and maintain your tan to avoid any tanning disasters? We’ve all heard the tanning horror stories of orange palms, stained sheets and biscuit scents… we have tips and advice to prepare you for you tan so you can achieve the perfect golden glow!

One of the most commonly asked questions from clients is “Is there anything I need to do before my tan?”. To prepare for your tan we recommend to exfoliate the night before to remove any dry skin especially in dryer areas such as knees and elbows, ‘Sienna X Polishing Body Scrub £11.95’ is a pH balanced scrub with refreshing lemongrass and ginger that leaves skin silky soft and perfectly prepared for your tan.

Make sure any unwanted hair is removed at least 48hours prior to you tan as shaving and waxing leaves the hair follicles open allowing the tanning solution the enter resulting in small dark speckles of tan on the skin.

On the day of your tan try to avoid moisturising, using perfume or deodorant so the skin is clean and free of product however your therapist will provide you with baby wipes to remove any products if required.

After you’ve had your tan you will need leave it to develop for 8-10 hours, in this time you will need to avoid excessive exercise, perspiring or getting the tan wet so that the tan stays perfectly even. If your tan is last minute or you want to avoid tanned bed sheets, the ‘Express 1 Hour Tan’ is perfect as it only needs to be left to develop for one hour before washing off and still creates a beautiful tan.

When your tan has developed you are ready to wash the guide colour off. We advise to shower using ‘Sienna X Balance Body Wash £11.95’ which is infused with gorgeous natural ingredients to care for and prolong your tan. Wash until the water runs clear and gently pat dry your skin to avoid rubbing away your tan.

Your tan should last 5-7 days. To prolong your gorgeous glow for as long as possible moisturise daily. ‘Sienna X Radiance Body Balm £11.95’ protects and enhances your tan, a luxurious, glistening moisturiser with a luminescent sheen leaves your skin looking flawless.

Four days after you tan start to lightly exfoliate so that you ensure you tan stays even and does not become patchy. A light exfoliator such as ‘Sienna X Polishing Body Scrub £11.95’ is best to encourage even fading and keep the skin free of dry patches so your skin stays beautifully bronzed.

Want to top up that tan at home? We sell a range of Self tan (and in handy travel Size) products that are easy to apply so you can stay lovely and tanned for as long as you please. Sienna’s ‘Gradual Self Tan £15.95’ if great to gradually build up a natural golden glow and helps to tone and smooth skin with its anti-cellulite formula. If its a instant, deeper tan you want we also have the ‘Deep Self Tan Lotion £23.95’ which is a streak-free tanning cream with a guide colour- making it easy to apply! This develops a deep, natural looking tan in 8 hours. The must have accessory for perfect tanning is the ‘Luxury Tanning Mitt £3.95’, a soft velour double sided outer helps you blend any Sienna tanning product effortlessly for that perfect, even tan.

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